Advice and suggestions

Wedding specific advice and suggestions relating to timings, choices of music, order of dances, etc.

Weddings Advice

  • Wedding evening schedule
  • Wedding considerations like first / last dance, buffet music
  • Wedding ceilidh planner
A typical evening may look like this:
  • Guests begin comfort break following evening meal
  • Venue staff ‘turnaround’ the room in preparation for the evening’s festivities
  • Band load in, set up and sound check
  • Guests are invited back into the room
  • Bride & Groom welcomed into the room and up onto the floor for their first dance
  • Ceilidh begins
  • Evening buffet & refreshments served
  • Break from live music & ceilidh dancing for 30min.
  • Background music via iPod or laptop
  • Live music & ceilidh dancing resumes OR disco begins